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Ginger Mousse

High in Nutrition Fun and Easy Recipe Bursting with flavor, my comfort food favorite with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory punch. Simple ingredients—just yams, non-dairy milk, and spices are all that you’ll need to make this very easy, non-dairy, dessert-like snack. INGREDIENTS: 4 to 5 Large or 6 Small yams Optional: 1 small pumpkin or winter squash … Continue reading

DON’T GET HURT TRYING TO STAY SAFE: Eating Safely during the Pandemic

      Joie Meissner, ND LifeChangeMedicine.com  5/6/2020 Some weeks ago, a family physician practicing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, put out this YouTube video. How does what Dr. VanWingen said in the video compare to what others say about food & COVID and is it consistent with this naturopath’s understanding of general health?  Below I … Continue reading

Should I take this treatment ?

As a naturopath, patients often ask me questions like “Do you think I should I take this treatment I heard about?” Here are some of the things I consider when I try to answer such questions for an individual patients: When a patient comes to me and asks me about an experimental, FDA approved conventional … Continue reading